taken from 101 live for the masses In Pasadena, California in 1988. Somebody (track from Some great reward written and performed by Martin L. Gore)

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  • Martin, his voice is a deadly spear pierces the soul and this song says it all because it smells 100% Love

  • vorrei sapè chi sò gli 8 decerebrati che hanno cliccato non mi piace

  • Look at all those lighters in the air…..you’ll never see that at a concert again.

  • people in the philippines are waiting you guys they
    loves NEW WAVE

  • This song describes exactly what I’m looking for in a lover.
    And I still haven’t found it.

  • Still longing for this song, a quarter of a century have passed, but it still hits me directly in the heart… such a beautiful song!

  • 1st time i heard this song i was 18 and in love, and this is the best version of this song, i was lucky. thank you DM.

  • Heard this song for the 1st time 25 years ago when I was 10. And I knew.. this is what love should be. Through the years I waited and didnt settle for anything less. Thank you DM for teaching me what love and relationships are all about.

  • Sometimes I think that martin had a greater voice than dave. But the thing is that Dave used to sing so much in minor chords to give a deep voice and serious tone to lyrics. Then martin does the same but higher. But this song is so special, best lyrics ever period.

  • this is an incredible version!! guys, not for your weddings and engagements, c’mon!!! be thankfull you have witnessed this, in your life time….this is an incredible song!!!