Recorded by dJ dAb!

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  • this is such a beautifully worded song………….! how did martin do it?
    i mean, write simply yet brilliantly? beautiful song indeed

  • MAROSE ^&*%$#@Where ever you are MAROSE,,,,,,i will LOVE YOU FOREVER..JUST

  • Martin is the primary songwritter and usually sings ballads (live and on
    album releases). Typically he sings on one or two songs per album. At times
    he and Dave Gahan can sound similiar (not so much anymore) Dave’s got the
    perfect front man – rough / rock vibe and Martin has the more angelic /
    almost gospel voice the days.

  • se me eriza la piel de solo escucharla…que bella canciòn, quizas algun me
    la dedicaste y no lo entendi, espero que no se tarde

  • thank u Martin for giving to us this wonderful song.. it touched my heart
    and soul everytime i heard this… the best song ever! awesome!

  • Breathless..this song reminds me when I was studying in Asia. His voice is
    so smooth, emotional, awesome and perfect.

  • Gore is one of the most beloved songwriter of mine for my entire life. All
    the Deoeche Mode songs he composed have the meaningful and poetic lyrics.
    But my most beloved song is this song. Everytime I listen to it I cry
    because of the heartfelt lyrics. One freespirited person who secretly
    struggles to have someone who can understand him/her deeply. So true yet so

  • im a die hard fan of depeche mode ever since… somebody is the best!

  • and there is a tour this summer in north america, 2009 and maybe some 2010

  • I want somebody…………. un temita muy bueno y que ha sonado muy
    poquito, ESOS DEPECHE¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • I waited for my true love to dedicate this song to me…, now that it
    happened, im in the best time of my life… This song is just amazing….

  • I don’t think sexuality really matters but for the record Martin has been
    married and has kids.

  • “Lays” by Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode) – poetry book review in “Sufler” –
    sufler. wordpress. com

  • Ok, I was always thinkin’ that he’s gay but it doesn’t matter… you know
    some poses of martin are not male at all… however, he is the best. and
    that’s it.

  • i love this song … lyrics… wonderful … hope to find my somebody for
    life AE