Depeche Mode – Somebody (Touring the Angel – Houston)
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  • This is a great song dont you agree with me? and he has one of the best
    voices in the pop world its a shame he doesnt get the cred he deserve. Just

  • interesting to see that they are a lot of people with different ages and
    people who are fans since the 80s or the 90s, or00s or since playing the

  • I was there, and this shot can’t give it justice! Depeche Mode concerts are
    amazing, and the energy exhilarating!

  • GReat,i love depeche mode!! theyr so awesome.thanks for sharing!!

  • the master song of all time … I’m a fan of Depeche Mode for 20 years, but
    this one is the ONE !

  • Hell yes! I was there. Then backstage after the show, and onto the hotel
    for drinks with Martin, Andy, Christian, Pete, and Dave’s son (can’t
    remember his name). It was a great show. San Antonio show, with tickets A/S
    passes from band. Then again to hotel for acoustic set on piano with Martin.

  • It’s your opinion, I guess, but I think Peter Gordeno is very talented.
    He’s no Alan Wilder, but he does his job well.

  • haha! you guy have no idea who your talking about! his name is MARTIN GORE!
    and he IS freakin amazing!

  • she will listen to me when I want to speak about the world we´re living and
    life in general…

  • THEY’RE COMING AGAIN!!! I CAN’T WAIT! it’s gonna be my first DM show

  • ¬¬ casi no me gusta la version de peter gordeno!!!¬¬ ma gusta mas cuando la
    toka alan wilder!! xD pero DEPECHE MODE FOREVER!!!!! :)

  • DM is awesome but Peter Gordeno, ladies and gentlemen, just plain sucks. He
    tries to add to the music and it sounds like crap. Been listening to Mode
    since ’84 and that’s just my take on this.