Final version of this mix, created to use as an album version for the next remix compilation. Download link is over at…
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  • can i buy any of your awesome depeche mode remix you are a great remixer
    love your dark version…..1000/1000

  • Dark and moody … I love it! Re-imagines the “Some Great Reward” aesthetic
    for these uncertain times.

  • my thought I liked the gay disco version of this song the best… but this
    is new fave

  • Awesome. Get Freecorder and you can copy ANY video or song and turn it into
    an MP3! It’s FREE!! I have so much Depeche on my MP4:)Have been a DM fan
    and follower since 1981!! I am now 40 and still rock out with my cock

  • This is so fine I am surprised it is somehow available to me now. Thank