Speak And Spell (1981)

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  • The US version of Speak & Spell doesn’t have this song for some reason.

  • This would have charted for certain, top ten, if Mute had released this after Just can’t get enough had been and gone from the UK Top Ten. Depeche mode are the best ever synthpop band and proved all the press wankers wrong who constantly put them down, still selling albums and touring today…

  • Technically DM’s first single, (pre-dating Dreaming of Me) - issued as a red flexidisc with copies of Flexipop Issue 11 magazine. Also on the disc were Mute labelmates Fad Gadget with ‘King of the Flies’.

  • Yeah…people overreact wayyy too much! Seriously! They write about real life issues. They are not fans of forced optimism. The rest of the world wants to live lie. Sucks for them! IT’S REALITY! PEEPS! CENSOR EVERYTHING, AND YOU MAY AS WELL CENSOR ANY FORM OF CREATIVE EXPRESSION AT ALL!!! oh SURE….just to be safe, right! So Pathetic!!!

  • That isn’t a unique sound….maybe for this generation….but there have been plenty like these in the past.

  • I know they have to go and take the meaning out of it and censor everything its pathetic, im sure we can all cope with the words, its art!!

  • I love this song. The album “Speak and Spell” is a very good album :)
    Depeche Mode forever <3