my vinylrecording of Songs Of Faith And Devotion from an original english ’93 pressing ! *-no copyright infringement intended.., just couldn’t resist to make…
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  • synthpop night! My parents are gone and I have the flat all for myself! This is the best day since my wife dumped me…

  • Thank you very much!!!
    I love this album, I think is one of the best records in the history of music…..

  • ..Using the Line-In jack of my soundcard + a usual Wave-Editor like CoolEdit2000 (or newer), recording directly at 44Khz,16bit, stereo (CD format), taking care of the Line-In input volume for each single track (no overmodulating) -that’s it basically and in general.

  • how you record the vinyl? with the pc and what software? Thanks!

  • Thank your for sharing with us this amazing DM album :) I love it!