Music video by Depeche Mode performing Sounds Of The Universe Box Set Trailer. (P) 2009 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Venusnote Ltd…

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  • …isn`t this like a band that wanted to be like Kraftwerk, but they finally ended up like themselves, except that with a bunch of knobs growing on their skins ?

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  • David’s voice is just extraordinary! I love their music since the 1980’s. A superb band!

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  • TMI i won’t tell u what i do when i think of dave gahan and martin gore ha, ha, ha this is way too much information, but u made me laugh

  • disco, rck, electric music, old school, new school and future school, omg they’re all the music in one group……i think i just jizzed in my pants just thinking of depeche mode lol

  • awesome i love depeche mode new wave, dark wave and old school ebm. Awesome