Un-boxing my Sounds Of The Universe box set. Apologies for the problems with sound quality and synchronisation but this was a one off and can’t be done again…
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  • Can you imagine how long the hardware list is going to be when that
    Keyboard magazine article comes out? If they mention every single demented
    little 1974 Taiwanese market bombed one shot synth in their studio it’s
    going to be like 4 pages long

  • I’m a bit gutted, because I can’t do it again. I’m going to see if I can
    rescue the original, just to save what little face I have left! LOL

  • See? Aren’t these unboxing videos fun? It’s very cool!!! And NICE postcard
    of Polly :)

  • Watching this video today has been the highlight of my day!!! Thanks for
    taking the time to open everything slowly and to thumb through the books
    and all…I may have to relive this moment with you a few more times ;)

  • Haha. Masturbating over vintage synths. They do have some curvy looks LOOOL
    Great vid!