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Depeche Mode — британский музыкальный коллектив, образовавшийся в 1980 году в городе Базилдон (графство Эссекс). Эта группа создала собственный стиль в жанрах электронной и рок-музыки и является одной из наиболее успешных и долгоживущих групп мира.

Depeche Mode были образованы в 1980 как квартет, в его состав входили Дэйв Гаан (основной вокалист), Мартин Гор (клавишные, гитара, вокал), Энди Флетчер (клавишные) и Винс Кларк (клавишные). Винс Кларк покинул группу после выхода дебютного альбома в 1981 году.

1981 год стал для Depeche Mode знаковым. На Mute Records вышел их первый альбом — Speak & Spell. Особые слова благодарности заслуживает Дэниел Миллер, весь бюджет первого альбома он взял на себя. Ну а что из этого получилось — слушайте сами!

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  • Super synth prog band but they are more than that they hit outside the envelope. They have evolved perfect.

  • this was their one and only album i had by them — i wish this had the track listing — i recalled (incorrectly) that only Can’t get enough was the only good track! track 1 rocks! i forgot!

  • Me too. I wish they had more songs from this album on their set list, they’re only gonna play «Just Can’t Get Enough».

  • This album’s part of my DNA. Even today, on listening, it still evokes a gentler time

  • I’m going to see them on September 10th…. I CAN NOT WAIT !!!! ;o) I was in college in the 80’s listening to these guys…. and they’re still going….. their music is like poetry. Love it !!!!

  • asi compone vince clarke hasta el dia de hoy, compone las melodias en guitarra y si funciona alli, las traslada a las maquinas, por eso hizo una carrera espectacular, martin gore luego siguio componiendo de la misma manera y tambien hizo una carrera tremenda…

  • Aunque el sonido es un poco viejo, melodicamente todas son excelentes canciones si las escuchamos de un modo simple como con una guitarra acustica!

  • Ever since the original was a hit in 1981, I’ve always heard it as «Just Can’t Get It Up» !! :)

  • im only 12 and i love this band thanks to my dad and brother , very popular in my family

  • bdsm? puhlease, they’ve got nothing to say to me. ‘p are p’? lbgt? definitely relevant in russia as of this week.
    ‘violator’ didn’t age well, & most of ‘cst’ didn’t, only i objectively find it has better compositions.
    i still think it’s an important band even though a recent live dvd was embarrassing.
    and am waiting for my library to send me delta machine: it’s all merely research to a producer.
    and what i meant was that those tracks didn’t reach the songwriting ‘quality of those i listed.

  • best songs from this album :
    (19:54) Photographic
    (17:12) What´s your name?
    (54:38) (36:03) Just can´t get enough (Schizo)

  • Wow, major flash backs to my high school days…..good stuff. Rock on Depeche. Still loving this band after all these years. They will never come to NZ so I will never see them live.

  • Martin actually got some commercial hook lines, i.e. «Master & Servant», «Reach out and touch faith», «People are people», «All I wanna do is…C U»….etc.

  • Well, let’s not hold Big Muff against Martin forever. :) He had no idea he could write songs yet, if DM history is chronicled right. They are definitely 2 different writers for sure, but each are great in their own right.

  • It’s a great pop album, and very danceable. If Vince had never left, I can’t say that I would be a DM fan now. I found this pretty fluffy, which is fun, however, I liked the darkeness from the Gore/Wilder days better. Clearly it has staying power too. We’ll never get this kind of music again.

  • Vince Clarke= great hooks but no direction.
    Martin Gore= no hooks but plenty of direction.
    Vince Clarke got Andy Bell which helped him with direction.
    Martin Gore got Alan Wilder which helped him with hooks.
    Perfect world.

  • Well, don’t take this wrong, I love Martin and Vince and I’ve listened to Speak and Spell and A Broken Frame a lot of times, but I have to say Speak and Spell is better (in my opinion, of course).
    It just sounds better… I don’t even know why.
    But obviously, Martin wrote some great songs and he’ll be a legend forever… I just wish Vince was a little more appreciated!
    Take care, x.

  • Great album, still sounds great. Photographic was played at a club i went to over the weekend, everyone was up :-)

  • I think both, Martin and Vince, are great composers on their own right and styles. It is up to you to decide if one of them is better than the other. I love Vince compositions being more pop, but definitely, was Martin who made DM what it is now and FOREVER. By the way, both were very young at the time they composed these tracks. For me, the real first album of DM is «A broken frame». «See You» was Martin at age 16. And please, listen again «The Sun and the Rainfall»… gothic and darker Martin.

  • New Life
    Ice Machine
    Dreaming of me
    Any second now
    Just can´t get enough Best song vince

  • i have to disagree with the other person that said all of vince clarkes songs sucked on this albums and only martins were worth buying this album for???? martin wrote only 2 songs! and tora tora tora kinda sucks and big muff really???????????? it was vince all the way for sure!