Official Video (1988)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Highschool—1989 or ’90, my first concert was Depeche Mode at Giants Stadium. Nitzer Ebb opened. Of all my DM concerts, that’s the best one.

  • Holy crap. I was grown up with Heavy Metal. I still like Judas Priest, Nazareth and all the bands but in the autumn 1998 I bought the singles collection (86-98) with Depeche. Stripped is the first song on this CD and this song totally blew me away…I became a real synth maniac fan….Thank to mr Gore and mr Gahan….

  • Well he was half the age he is now, so it’s normal, although to be fair he sings more «correct» now.. He was putting too much pressure on his vocal chords at that time, causing him a lot of problems. Singing comes more naturally now that he has taken lessons and stuff…

  • One from best Koncert, not only from DM.

    Lok thid song list

    «Behind the Wheel»
    «Something to Do»
    «Blasphemous Rumours»
    «Things You Said»
    Black Celebration» — 4:54
    «Shake the Disease»
    «Pleasure Little Treasure»
    «People are People»
    «A Question of Time»
    «Never Let Me Down Again»
    «A Question of Lust»
    «Master and Servant»
    «Just Can’t Get Enough»
    «Everything Counts»

    Better than today’s concerts, my opinion


  • Wait, so the mixes are different between the CD/Cassette/Vinyl releases of 101? I’ve got to do dig out my 101 vinyl copy. :)

  • Sorry, but that’s bullshit, I was there, he voice did sound this good. The only thing they did with the recording is reduce the crowd noise. There are no overdubs on the recording. Get the vinyl version.

  • Dave was so precious here, I love watching British artists/groups perform in America when they’re young, it’s like you can just see the awe in their faces. Dave is clearly overwhelmed and it’s beautiful to see that.

  • This live version, his voice sounds too perfect but from all the people I know who went to the show say his voice didnt sound this «perfect» at all. Obviously they fixed the audio and his voice for the album. Plus Alan wilder messes up in one part in «The things you said » live but u dont hear that on the album.