Depeche mode - Stripped 12/19 (London 1986)

Concert in Wembley arena London 1986 COMPLET DVD 00. Christmas’ Island -missing- 01. Black Celebration 02. A Quest…

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  • trio never worked, may it be as it was the quartet after vince clarke of course vive le MoDe

  • it was a REVOX…I can’t remember the model number….
    Ande, yes it is very similar than the 101 version, but in 1986 they used those pipes and in the 101 they used some drum pads triggers…

  • Alan is one my favorite drummers.Were they still using the 4track machine at this point? The backing track sounds very similar to the 101 version. I wish they would show the machine. I know that they used to keep it on stage and at some point, maybe on this tour, they moved it to the side of the stage.

  • 2 years before I was born….that’s so goddamn unfair.

  • Is he not awesome???!!! I miss Alan. do NOT miss Recoil when it comes to your town!

  • Es verdad, el fumar es horrible para la voz. Pero tambien no debe gritar yeah y come on como lo hace tan fuerte. El gritar es bien malo para la voz. Tambien touring tanto causa problemas. martin tambien no canta tan bonito como en este video.

  • No solo son los Years es la mala vida que nuestro pobre Dave tubo por un buen tiempo y toooooodos los cigarros que fuma por que fuma mucho,yo vivo en New York y una amiga mía trabaja cerca a un Starsbucks y el siempre va alla a comprar y ella ve como fuma mucho : ( por eso no es bueno fumar!!

  • ¡AY, como has perdido la voz…!, ¡Qué pedazo de voz tenías en esta época; los años no pasan en balde!

  • god i love all the metallic sounds and different atmospheres of this song as it was originally played on this tour to support the album black celebration. stripped still has an amazing keyboard sound to it, but the live version they’ve stuck with more recently over the years lacks the filler sounds like the rockets launching off. also the recording of Dave’s Porsche starting is beginning to sound like it has a backfire to it lol. of course i still flip out when i see them live