Live from london 86 Black Celebration Tour.

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  • It was around the time when this song came out that is seemed like Dave may have had an inkling of how hot he could become!

  • :) Agreed :) every video of this song on YouTube is more a Rammstein-DM debate than an appreciation of the music.

  • If Rammstein sucks then you are probably tone-deaf or illiterate (read their Wikipedia articles, fan blogs etc. if you can :P ) Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean they suck. Learn to keep an open mind in music.

  • Enough of this Rammstein versus Depeche Mode. They do not even perform the same type of music. So can you guys just relax and enjoy the music, instead of being idiots and comparing two very dissimilar bands? Sheesh.

  • Who gives a shit about Rammstein. Can we stop talking about Rammstein. I liked them better the first time around when a band called Laibach did the same thing but better.

  • You know.. not only is Rammstein huge DM fans but many other metal and rock bands as well.. Lacuna Coil did a beautiful version of Enjoy the Silence, Marilyn Manson covered Personal Jesus, and I could keep going.. Most of the rock and metal artists have tons of respect for Depeche Mode. I mean lets face it. How many bands can you name who have stayed relevant for 3 decades and is still going? That earns them respect.

  • Ooh, the shame, I posted “but” instead of “not”. Humbled by karma.

  • @thenineinchnails I wholeheartedly agree with your statement. Unfortunately I’m a sad grammar nerd; routine & you’re, but your. I apoligise for being a jackhole.

  • I really hate Rammstein, they can’t sing for shit and ruined this song! The original Depeche Mode version and the Scooter cover are awesome, though!

  • How I like these open minded and tolerant Depeche Mode fans… LOL
    Man, you are so pathetic…

  • I shit on your mouth dickhead !
    So you can go puke now !

  • of course, it is Rammstein song.. Depeche mode – 1986, Rammstein 1998.. Need more words ?

  • How is there anything bad with that? Also shut the fuck up with your 40 people shit.

  • The 40 dislikes unfortunately made their decisions WITH their televisions.