Enjoy The Covers: A Tribute To Depeche Mode brought to you by Synth Records, Trick Or Treat Radio, and IHeartSynths.com Enjoy The Covers is an unabashed love offering laid at the altar of the Greatest Electronic Band of all time and presented to them by the bands they influenced! Formed in 1980, the songs of Gahan, Gore, Fletcher, and company have been influencing synth slingers and electrophiles from day one.
Please enjoy this collective of artists as they apply their own styles to tracks that run the gamut of this legendary act’s catalog, from obscure B-sides like “Corrupt” to hits like “Never Let Me Down Again” and every dark corner in between.
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1) profound perceived – Never Let Me Down
2) BLSHS – Everything Counts
3) The Deadites – It’s No Good
4) Teeel – Stripped
5) The Kolour Kult – Corrupt
6) Alexis – People are People
7) New York Lights – Precious
8) Another Green World – Black Celebration
9) Herra Terra – Enjoy The Silence
10) ÆON RINGS – But Not Tonight
11) The Deathless – Halo
12) Agents Of Chaos – A Question of Time
13) SpaceRoar – The Bottom Line

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