Depeche Mode performing LIVE @ SXSW Festival in Austin / Texas DATE: 15.03.2013 SETLIST: — Angel — Should Be Higher — Walking In My Shoes — Barrel Of A Gun -…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • Holy shit man, I spent hours trying to download this show from that shitty
    Yahoo Player, but I couldn’t. And I was worried since it will be available
    only today. How did you do that? Thanks man, THANKS. (Better download this
    to have a emergency copy .-.)

  • eine slowakische DM — Seite hat das irgendwie geschafft runter zu laden und
    ich hab es dann mit FIREFOX + addon Download-Helper dann runtergeladen und
    schlußendlich bei youtube hochgeladen :-)

  • moin moin, echt besten dank für das video. ich selbst habe heute versucht
    es runterzuladen, war fast 3 std dabei, erfolglos. dachte mir, das es
    vielleicht jemand schafft, es hier rein zu setzen. so kann man sich schon
    auf die kommende tour freuen :-) danke!!!!

  • Non tramontano MAI….dopo 30 anni sempre la stessa energia….brividi
    ecc…per sentirmi appagato basta sertirvi !!!!!! DM forever !!!!! thx

  • Exactly the same for me (age, goose and all that…^^). They are one of
    those who made the musician that I am today. Thank you, guys!!!

  • Great work thanks! Nice they opened up with ‘Angel’. For some reason that
    track stood out to me when I first heard the album. Dirty, bluesy and

  • que du bonheur !! … hâte d’entendre la voix de Dave en live au Stade de
    France dans 15 jours ! merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo.

  • comes comes`m waiting here in my country SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL i can not wait
    to see DM live…

  • As if I wasn’t already the biggest fan of DM! This would convert even the
    most jaded music fan/soul. I cannot wait to see you in Rome, CHI and LA PS
    totally seduced/obsessed by Dave all over again…Jesus I can’t quit you

  • I love Depeche Mode, since I was 15 , I am now hitting 40. Their music just
    toucjes my soul, really , when he sings I get goose bumps. Great Voice and