1983 documentary from Depeche Mode.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • «…they had an impact, like it or not» sums it up for me. They were certainly an enormous part of my teenage angst and continue to live in my sub-conscience if nothing else.

  • fantastic gods among men!!Sensational !!!!!!!!! the best band that music history has ever brought forth!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • I liked DM, but I remember getting Construction Time Again as a birthday gift from my cousin and then falling madly in love with this bad. Been a die hard, hard core fan ever since.

  • this one music journalist really looks like ricky gervais’ unfunny brother, don’t you think?

  • Nice to see «nodding Alex» at 09:04 he always nodded back in the studios in the seventies.

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