Depeche Mode - Television Set (Live 27/06/81)

From a very decent sounding bootleg titled “Live at the Croc’s Glamour Club 1981” I give you “Television Set”, a song that never saw an official release by t…

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  • – Jason Knott is also an advisor to famous author, Mark Jackman. Is there no end to the man’s talents!

  • My Dad is the guy who wrote this song, Jason Knott! He used to be in a band with Vince before Depeche Mode. Like this so people can see it!

  • I envy everybody who got to see these shows and experience the unique and innovative music that existed during this period. The 80s was a fantastic time for music and pop culture and I just wish I was a part of that generation

  • my god! I was actually at this gig! First time I saw them live… God I feel old! :@)

  • I really like this song.For that period,sounded very good.Even now,sounds really good.I am 15 and I really like Depeche Mode.Even kids like Depeche Mode.Anyone loves Depeche Mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gotta love Vince. I am sad that he left, but I also am glad that he created Yaz(oo). I love Alison so much. I will take UAE over ABF and CTA, anyday.

  • When I listening to their earlier recordings I could tell the difference in the sound patches that they implemented for their songs. So, for example: “The Price of Love” sounds a bit more heroic in 1980 , than in 1981, If I can express it like that. In their 1981 recordings the song sounds a bit more faster, somehow.
    Overall, I like the 1980 version better, too bad I don’t have my very own copy anymore.

  • I myself had a copy of the Live recording CD from the Bridgehouse in 1980.
    In this particular recording I can tell you that “The Price of Love” track sounds totally awesome, more rhythmic in a way. For some reason I sold the CD or I don’t know what happened to it.

  • Was my favourite track – always looked forward to the octave knob tweak in the chorus! was so disappointed when it didn’t appear on their first album. Thanks for putting it up.

  • I’m pretty sure it’s written by Vince’s brother although I could be wrong.