Video is quite damage but sound is ok — For Fans.

DEPECHE MODE Live Liverpool (University 06.11.1981)

Страна: England

Жанр: SynthPop, Electronic

Продолжительность: 00.32.17

Описание: Speak & Spell Tour

01 — Television set
02 — Photographic
03 — New life
04 — Puppets_liverpool_81.avi
05 — Just can’t get enough
06 — Tora tora tora
07 — Nodisco

Качество: VHSRip

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  • Went to see Otway the Movie Last night (excellent) with a couple of old
    mates, and one of them told me he had written a song that Depeche Mode used
    to like to play live, when he was in a band with Vince Clarke, called
    ‘Television Set’. Low an behold, here it is. His name is Jason Knott.

  • wow. the deteriorated video adds to the effect. Simply inspirational. great
    great track.

  • ‘Did you see them running to me, babe; did you see the light in their eyes;
    I’m just a mass of communication; I sell what evryone buys…. I’m just a
    television set.’

  • I much prefer «What’s Your Name?», actually. I know the band does not like
    it. However, I find «No Disco» to be the dreadful tune: «Move me
    disco…baby don’t you let go. This is no disco…» Yuk!

  • Fantastic! This early song is much stronger than many on their first album
    (Speak & Spell) Thanks for posting it.

  • DM should release all their «Composition of Sound» tracks. :)

  • With the 2006 remaster of Speak & Spell, surely there was a half-decent
    master tape of this somewhere, to stick on as bonus material? This track is
    too good to remain absent from the DM back catalogue.

  • Wow, this is what i call rare footage, and DM performs great as usual, it
    doesn’t matter that with the Clarke style

  • Haha yes! I don’t mind «No Disco»…..but «What’s Your Name» is just
    alittle too ugh lol…even the boys say that.

  • super. I absolutely agree with davidsan 01. It has a very modern appeal.

  • It’s a Vince Clarke’s friend’s creation I think. That’s probably why it’s
    not on the album.