Depeche Mode The Sun and the Rainfall “THIS SONG IS MY LIFE” and my Lifeenergy is in there !!!!! 2008 Dominatrix Remix Depeche Mode The Sun and the Rainfall …

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  • I have uploadet the hole koncert from Hammersmith Odeon, better quality than the clips you use in this video, but i like it anyway.

    visit my channel and feel free to use what you can use for other remixes and videos.

  • Super! Szkoda, że teraz DJ-e robią takie kijowe remiksy… ;(

  • Ich fühle mich seltsam entzückt und verrückt in die Zeit meiner vergangenen Jugend….. Danke für diesen Ausflug!

  • excelente remix gracias colega depeche mode lo mejor

  • “A broken frame” went unappreciated in general and really deserved a better reception. Some of the stuff remixed for that album just like this mix should have been released on the “remixes” albums.

  • vaya remix supertrabajado, muy logrado quizas un poco extenso, estos si que eran los verdaderos DM. no lo que nos quieren vender ahora Te lo dice alguien que crecio con ellos.Enhorabuena por tu trabajo Dominatrix.

  • shame they should play this remix the first date in the tour because this is a great remix DominatrixRMXdid i love this when it first came out and i still go on to love it ,its the best what Dominatrix done of depeche mode but i always love it always.xxxx

  • Amazing remix! Great video! Classic DM track! Congratulations!

  • I love this!! Listen everyday over and over again:) I love how you throw in a little bit of their other songs and blend them in your other DM mixes!

  • how to define it….there’s just one way:almost perfection.they’re cool especially with the metaphores…..thanks matin.andrew and dave.☯☼☀☺

  • DominatrixRMX always dose great remixes of song depeche mode the sun and the rainfall 2008 is great every time go on you tube have to play it love it always great love you Dominatrix.xxxxx