Depeche Mode The Sun and the Rainfall (Jesus Mix)

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  • The echo/delay on voice is not sync it’s unusual for Dominatrix which is
    the best remixer of DM’s song .

  • This sends me completely to another place, I can’t explain just exactly
    what it does to me <3

  • Absolutely astonishing. Unbelievable. Only a DM fan can feel this, I think.

  • DominatrixRMX translates the Depeche Mode sound and experience afresh for
    this new world we are living in, capturing the soul and heart of their
    sound with exquisite sense of detail, transforming for all of DM fans and
    others the music into a vibrating pulse of romance and suspense. For all
    the fantastic remixes that make him one of the best DM remixers ever,
    massive thanks and, joining many of other commentators under other of his
    remixes, BRAVO!

  • someone will call, something will fall… and it´s painfull….. I like it,
    I like it, I like it since the first time I heard it 30 years before Ultra
    nice mix.

  • The sound of DM is one of a kind…….LIVE ON DM you guys are the BEST

  • właśnie, wróćcie jeszcze do Polski ^^ a ten remix jest boski ~<3

  • this song kick ass but you kick more ass with it. the rating #10