This is the original version of the song. Appears in the album «A Broken Frame» released in 1982. The tempo of the song is a bit modified because of copyrigh…
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The song «Monument» was covered by GusGus for the Depeche Mode tribute album For the Masses. A special limited edition live album based on A Broken Frame rec…
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  • The character of this song is the same as computer music was in the mid-to-late eighties. Interesting that today’s electronic music is so heavily influenced by computer (game/demo) music of the 80s and early 90s, so the legacy of this song is still alive in a form. Probably this is the reason why this song feels so timeless.

  • I know, right!? I CAN NOT believe that this album is over 31 years old! My 18 y/o daughter loves old DM even today. Never Stop!

  • How funny, I was 14 or something like that when I discovered Depeche Mode with the album «Exciter», back in the day it went out, I fell in love so hard, and then I discovered all the amazing stuff they did in the past… DM is my favourite band, I couldn’t find anything quite like DM until this day. And to think that more than 1 generation has been growing up listening to DM…

  • I think this is my favorite Depeche Mode song. I think a Broken Frame is a very under rated album. The mechanics of the songs is beautiful

  • don’t worry! one thing I like best in DM is the fact that they and their music haven’t changed much during these all years! Even in the nevest songs I hear something which is heard during all their career. I like that they still going one way, don’t make many strange experiments with changing music style as some other groups .

  • A great timeless song, the best off the album which can be seen from a lot of different ways.

  • I wish I had been as you called »a new wave kid» ( I was born in 1991), but when I was born time was not bad — Queen (before Freedie death) , Gun’s &Roses and other fantastic band played then.

  • this is album is’s has so many layers of sounds and emotions in it..simple and giant. masterpiece

  • j’adore cet chanson de DM,je cherchais le titre depuis longtemps!!!! je l’ai enfin trouver !!

  • Another great song from Depeche Mode — when they did write songs! Where were you when you first heard this classic? Me — on a roadtrip listening to it on cassette traveling though eastern Wyoming…..Memorable times!

  • Now you made me feel really old, I use to be a New Wave kid, Depeche Mode, Front 242, New Order, etc, etc, whaaaaa!!!!

  • I’m very very young, and this makes me cry too… I always wish I was born in ’70 to live while Depeche Mode were growing up, and follow them…