Dam Muzik Productions

List of remixes:

2NE1-Falling in love (The Dam remix)
4minute-Is it poppin’? (The Dam r.)
Alana Lee-Dream out loud (The Dam r.)
A Pink-Nonono (The Dam r.)
Andrea Debegnac-FaTalmente caldo (The Dam r.)
Baustelle-Arriva lo Ye Yè (The Dam r.)
Boyalarm-Love can kill (The Dam r.)
Carmen Consoli-AAA Cercasi (The Dam r.)
Caro Emerald-Liquid lunch (The Dam r.)
Caroline Loeb-C’est la ouate (The Dam r.)
Celeste Gaia-Carlo (The Dam r.)
Celia Pavey-Believe me (The Dam r.)
Chiara Civello-Al posto del mondo (The Dam r.)
Chiara Galiazzo-Vieni con me (The Dam r.)
Beatles-Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite! (The Dam r.)
Beatles-Cry baby cry (The Dam r.)
Beatles-I’m only sleeping (The Dam r.)
Beatles-In my life (The Dam r.)
Beatles-Obladì obladà (The Dam r.)
Beatles-Sexy Sadie (The Dam r.)
Beatles-Strawberry fields forever (The Dam r.)
Beatles-When I’m sixty-four (The Dam r.)
Beatles-While my guitar gently weeps (The Dam r.)
Beatles-With a little help from my friends (The Dam r.)
David Bowie-Valentines day (The Dam r.)
Daft Punk-Instant crush (The Dam r.)
Depeche Mode-A question of lust (The Dam r.)
Depeche Mode-Behind the wheel (The Dam r.)
Depeche M.-Clean (The Dam r.)
D.M.-Dressed in black (The Dam r.)
D.M.-Enjoy the silence (The Dam r.)
D.M.-Everything counts (The Dam r.)
D.M-Free love (The Dam r.)
D.M-It doesn’t matter (The Dam r.)
D.M.-Jezebel (The Dam r.)
D.M.-Little 15 (The Dam r.)
D.M.-My secret garden (The Dam r.)
D.M.-No disco (The Dam r.)
D.M.-One caress (The Dam r.)
D.M.-The things you said (The Dam r.)
D.M.-Waiting for the night (The Dam r.)
Eighth Wonder-I’m not scared (The Dam r.)
Eliza Doolittle-Big when I was little (The Dam r.)
Erica Mou-Mettiti la maschera (The Dam r.)
Flo Rida-I can’t believe it (The Dam r.)
Francesco Sarcina-Tutta la notte (The Dam r.)
Giordana Angi-Incognita poesia (The Dam r.)
Hello Venus – Would you like some tea? (The Dam r.)
Housemartins-Caravan of love (The Dam r.)
Icona Pop-All night (The Dam r.)
Imany-You will never know (The Dam r.)
Jade Novah-Show out (The Dam r.)
James Blunt – Bonfire heart (The Dam r.)
Jay Z-Tom Ford (The Dam r.)
Jovanotti-Estate (The Dam r.)
K-Ci & JoJo-Knock it off (The Dam r.)
Kate Bush-Wuthering heights (The Dam r.)
Katy Perry-Roar (The Dam r.)
Kim Carnes-Bette Davis eyes (The Dam r.)
Kim Cesarion-Undressed (The Dam r.)
Kim Wilde-Cambodia (The Dam r.)
Kraftwerk-Radioactivity (The Dam r.)
Kraftwerk-The robots (The Dam r.)
Lady Gaga-Applause ( The Dam r.)
Ladyvette- Tapa Tapa (The Dam r.)
Levante-Alfonso (The Dam r.)
Lim Jeong Hee-Luv is (The Dam r.)
Lim Kim-All right (The Dam r.)
Macklemore-Can’t hold us (The Dam r.)
Madonna-Borderline (The Dam r.)
Madonna-Masterpiece (The Dam r.)
Major Lazer-Bubble butt (The Dam r.)
Marta Podulka-Nieodkryty lad (The Dam r.)
Matia Bazar-Sei tu (The Dam r.)
Marracash-La tipa del tipo (The Dam r.)
Midnight Red-Take me home (The Dam r.)
Miley Cyrus-We can’t stop (The Dam r.)
Miley Cyrus-Wrecking ball (The Dam r.)
Misha B-Home run (The Dam r.)
Naughty Boy-LaLaLa (The Dam r.)
Nicole Cherry-Memories (The Dam r.)
Noemi-Sono solo parole (The Dam r.)
One Direction-Best song ever (The Dam r.)
Paul McCartney-New (The Dam r.)
Phillip Phillips-Gone, Gone, Gone, (The Dam r.)
Priyanka Chopra-Exotic (The Dam r.)
Robin Thicke-Blurred lines (The Dam r.)
Rizzle Kicks-Lost generation (The Dam r.)
Samuele Bersani-Un pallone (The Dam r.)
Secret-YooHoo (The Dam r.)
Selena Gomez-Slow down (The Dam r.)
Serebro-Mi mi mi (The Dam r.)
Syntech-Supernova (The Dam r.)
Sonia Argento-Supergay (The Dam r.)
Tahiti-Love sick (The Dam r.)
Tinie Tempah-Trampoline (The Dam r.)
Two Door Cinema Club-Changing of the seasons (The Dam r.)
Victoria Justice-Gold (The Dam r.)
Vito Lavita-Danzare (The Dam r.)
Wankelmut-My head is a jungle (The Dam r.)
Zendaya-Replay (The Dam remix)

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2009 original songs by “The Dam”:

A logic attempt
Italian style
Hard to judge!
Occupy Wall Street
It’s me!
Moon patrol
The bank

Original songs 2010:

Summer ’82
Masha Tyelna
Oh, just dance
Al Qaeda’s organ
Vintage society
Verlaine’s fantasy
21 ravers
The Lakee
Soundcloud timed comments
Gwendolyn’s party
Panic at the dam
False stuff

Original songs 2011:

Giulia Minola
Letters from your heart
Chat girls Vs. my girlfriends
Come see me
Porn for the blind
Lady Google
Delysid & Dailysin Vs. Daisylin
The Lakee 2
In Memory of Steve Jobs
Cocksuckers Anonymous

Original songs 2012:

Said Tsin-Tsu
Rose sleeps
Everybody loves your vagina
A big big love
The mirror in the fog
Binge dreamer
Facin’ life
Blooming skull on air
Monday town
The main part
Abused by the dj
Share life with WMDA!
Where is Bobby O?
Dreamin’ of Martina
Je ne suis pas
Clinic population

Original songs 2013:

Rank 31.127.207
Parkinson is rhythm
Japanese hipster
Future society

Very old songs ( ’93-’96 ):

Ci facciamo?
Glimpse beside
Jim talks
Miss rave
Problem n°13 is solved
The shot
100 cocktails
Could be a trap
Christane F.
Rocky! Rocky!

Arthur Rimbaud album:

1- Le dormeur du val
2- Ma bohème
3- Roman
4- Première soirée
5- Mes petites amoureuses
6- Honte
7- Les corbeaux
8- Qu’est-ce pour nous, mon cœur
9- Conte
10-Une saison en enfer
11-Nuit de l’enfer
12-Alchimie du verbe

12 Fleurs (Charles Baudelaire):

1- Épigraphe pour un livre condamné
2- Au lecteur
3- Spleen (quand le ciel…)
4- Les deux bonnes sœurs
5- L’irréparable
6- Le vin de l’assassin
7- Une charogne
8- L’horloge
9- Le cygne
10-L’invitation au voyage
11-Le balcon
12-Abel et Caïn

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