Some Great Reward Tour 1984 Hamburg.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • 1. Something To Do
    2. Two Minute Warning
    3. If You Want
    4. People Are People
    5. Leave In Silence
    6. New Life
    7. Shame
    8. Somebody
    9. Lie To Me
    10. Blasphemous Rumours
    11. Told You So
    12. Master And Servant
    13. Photographic
    14. Everything Counts
    15. See You
    16. Shout
    17. Just Can’t Get Enough

  • Wow. I was born that year and they already were great. Unbelievable but they still are.

  • unforgettable video…here is, the spirit of the eighties, electronics sounding for joy, por party…the eighties underground, the real eighties….depeche mode

  • Two Minutes Warning, two minutes later….when time has come, my days are numbered…..i need a time machine please…geeiill !!!!!!!

  • es gibt nix besseres an synthy pop….. geile mucke………… war meine schönste zeit mit demo….

  • hammer, schön billig alles, die light-show etc, ohne schnick-schnack halt… aber die band spricht für sich, wäre gerne auf diesem konzert gewesen!!!!!

  • it is sad that I was a fan only since 88′ .. when one of my best friends passed me a collections of DM cassettes. Right away I became a fan .. since ever I am. crying of Alan Wilder living the band .. he was the band sound master ..still is with Recoil project .. nevertheless the band is still doing great and recording the most heart-touching songs ever played … looking forward for their 13th record album now .. without a patience

  • Vielen Dank für die Veröffentlichschung, sehr schöne Erinnerungen werden wach, war eine super tolle Zeit…..