Depeche Mode — Tour of the Universe 2009 — (Interview @ Dave Gahan) Channel 22 Israel. Depeche Mode In Israel 10/05/2009 Tour of the Universe 2009 דייב גהאן …
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  • It will be interesting to see how Dave will sing ‘Peace’. That high note
    will be difficult. Let’s all hope that he will succeed every concert. We
    know he can do it!

  • totally agree with you, You take Dave and i take Martin…love SOTU too,
    kisse from France….

  • I want to take this man at home. He’s soooo sexy… and that voice… that
    smile… I love you Dave!! SOTU is a GREAT album! DEPECHE RULES!

  • Dave Gahan looks a lot like a grown up Shia Lebeauf, when Shia grows up,
    he’ll look exactly like Dave. If there’s ever a movie about Depeche Mode,
    Shia Lebeauf should play Dave.

  • the album is amazing, the box set beautiful, and the tour is going to be

  • Take a hint, all you conflicting parties: stop your stupidities so that a
    positive and more creative force can take over. Don’t stop the music!

  • I take it the boys wont be returning with a gig in Palestine then, where
    pain and suffering is fairly acute at this point. And there I was thinking
    «I feel you» had an empathic side to it….feel all or there’s no genuine
    feeling IOW. Still love the band tho.