Depeche Mode — «Tour Of The Universe — Live In Barcelona» The new DVD, out November 8th (Europe) | November 9th (North America) Full details: http://www.depe…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • Спасибо большое! Вас очень уважают в Росссии. Спасибо

  • una de las mejores bandas de planeta y puedo decirlo con orgullo YO ESTUVE AHÍ :,D uno de los mejores dias de mi vida y ruego por una nueva gira . depeche mode rules lml

  • In this trailer there isn’t ANY «new» song from 1997 — 2009, just same ol’ hits from TWO albums. It’s a shame that even DM does not recognize live potential of many great new/old songs!

  • ¿What is the song that appears at 1:10?
    I’ve been looking for in both DVD and I haven’t found that moment.


  • no at aint, that song is a Depeche Mode song original. Learn something 

  • Trailer filmu o fanach zespołu Depeche Mode. Całość niebawem.
    Trailer of the film about Depeche Mode fans of the group. Whole soon.
    Best regards, Grzegorz.

    youtube film FAN profil: thefandm

  • Have seen them on 3 different tours!!..Each better then the next!!!…30 years and 16 studio albums later,still the best band EVER!!!

  • you live near the Greenville area? I didnt think anyone from hear knows Depeche Mode

  • If they do tour again we’ll be lucky to get them as close as Atlanta. But! I’ll run the carpool if they do!!! :D

  • Who was the only one who missed the «thumbs up» button?…
    Poor guy who disliked the video!!! O.o
    It must be punishing himself by torturing the computer mouse!!! =D

  • I have been a Depeche Mode fan since the early nineties. Their haunting melodies are some of the best sounds laid on tracks I have ever heard. I am anxiously waiting for the arrival of «Tour of the Universe-Live in Barcelona» 2 dvd 2 cd package that I ordered recently. I cant wait to see my very favorite band perform. Long live Depeche Mode!