Depeche Mode – Tour Of The Universe (Video Blog #16)
Depeche Mode - Tour Of The Universe (Video Blog #16)

Stripped, performed on December 15th, 2009, at the London O2 Arena. Recorded by Tour Blogger Peter.

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  • @IIIIdepechemodeIIII the lyrics, the sound..,marts voice singing:let me
    hearin u speakin just for me…let me hear me hear u cryin just for me (8)
    makes meee flyyy soo high!

  • I was at the gig @ the O2 the following night, but fck me this clip gave me
    goosebumps. Stripped sounds better & better as the years roll on, and is
    fkin awesome live – so powerful & makes me feel emotional for some reason.
    I’ll be at the Royal Albert Hall on Weds & O2 Arena on Saturday….then
    that’ll be it for me for another few years – unless they decide to do some
    30th anniversary gigs – who knows????

  • they are the greatest live band ever ,and ive seen many like u2,
    muse,bowie,etc Depeche just get better with time.Many bands from the same
    time they started who are still going or reforming just carnt keep the
    quality going like Depeche do.

  • Dave has to change to his old 80s hairstyle and get clean shaven.

  • dato che non c’è neanche un primo piano sia di Martin che di Dave ……..
    nel dvd originale …. peccato ………… perchè?

  • yeah, realy good renditions of the old songs as well i think!really digg
    the new sound(even more than the playing the agnel one, which I thoght were
    quite supreme, still..!)

  • thanks to all those guys (the stage, light, sound, truck drivers, etc) who
    work really hard in the shadows for making all this possible and
    amazing!…..thanks DM

  • Tienen el poder de hacerme sentir la musica, cual sentimiento mas sublime y

  • THank YOU VERY MUCH: to share this song of S Universe Tour! It´s an
    “aperitif” until we are waiting for THE TOUR OF UNIVERSE LIVE VIDEO! COME
    BACK SOON TO MADRID! I LOVE YOU #depechemode ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • I was in London for the both concerts in December :)))) They were both
    amazing :))) And I saw live this anigmatic and amazing smile :)) Nothing
    can compare to this experience :)Smile more Dave you have beautiful soul :))

  • @gein87 i agree, ed. the masses LP was almost as good as black
    celebration(such a great band is DM)

  • gahan’s looking his age lol. dang, that blows, but hey, you can’t stop