32 tracks covered by the Alfa Matrix artists. The first orders come with an extra FREE EPCD. This free ep is exclusive fe…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • I love I:Scintilla’s cover of I Want It All…

    It is pretty amazing.

  • This tribute seems to be pretty good and these old songs sound like new whatever the style of these bands

  • Great tribute. Well chosen bands for the selected songs. More of this.
    Greetz to all DM fans.

  • I feel you and master and servant sound pretty good, alternate takes on the original instead of remixes that numb the emotion of the original

  • I got this album a few days ago Ayria does a great cover of in your room its outstanding and Krystal System do a brillant cover of master and servent

  • You have to love EBM to appreciate this album.
    But if you do, then it’s brilliant. ;)

  • Dieses Cover Album ist ein Muss für jeden EBM bzw. Depeche Mode Fan.
    Ein Leckerbissen für jeden Electrofan.
    Also kaufen Leute !!

  • It’s natural that’ it is goth since it’s DM xD

    Before DM, there was Composition of Sound, and then the first 5 DM album. Was this EBM? Where should i get similar music now, music, like Elegant Machinery?

  • that is very awsome tribute to my favorite band i give 5 stars
    DM rules!!!

  • This is freggin AWESOME!! XD

    I must have this tribute album!

  • I have to order myself a copy of this,. if only for the awesome cover of Master and Servant!

  • Awesome.
    I gotta get me a copy of this, really fast..
    -as in NOW:!!!