Depeche Mode tribute band «Speak And Spell» headlining the Brighton Electrofest at Komedia April 4th 2009. Unfortunately the whole gig was not filmed but her…
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Depeche Mode — Speak and Spell vinyl — Depeche Mode A rather noisy copy of the brilliant Speak and Spell album. 1. «New Life» 2. «I Sometimes Wish I Was De…
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  • come and play ln mansfield ur  AWESOME sounds amazin good luck lads keep up the good work

  • I’ve been a mode fan since a gf bought me the Speak and Spell album for a birthday present in the late 70’s and wow, these guys are good. Gonna Google them to see if they are playing anywhere near Plymouth anytime soon.

  • Looks good in a waistcoat!!

    Brilliant band and helps I know most of them!

  • Took me a sec to work out who that was posting then ;) Yeah, thats Fingers on guitar, wish we got more footage of him doing his thang! I’ve got a video from the Bedford gig the week before which has a bit more action, just gotta find a mo to convert it. Pauls ace on vocals, it just comes so naturally to him, I think I might hate him! LOL! ;)

  • great stuff stu,the vocalist has got it nailed! is that fingers on guitar?