Wow, over 40 000 views, thank you!!! Audio is from BBC tapes, 3rd November 1984. Video is random performances and pictures from the 80’s. Enjoy ;) http://www…
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  • The song is called “Ice Machine” it’s the B-side on Depeche Mode’s debut
    single “Dreaming of Me” released in 1981.

  • One of hell a good (and underrated) song. Maybe Vince Clarke’s best
    songwriting for DM?

  • Fantastic version, fantastic song. I still cannot understand why Ice
    Machine wasn’t on Speak And Spell.

  • This song is wicked it’s why i like Depeche Mode…!!!!!!!.All their early
    music was great..!!!!!!

  • The more I listen to this song, the more I know that I’m addicted forever .
    Can’t get enough of DM …

  • This is a great version of the song i have been looking many years to find
    it. Thanks!

  • You’re right!! I think the same thing!! Regards and DM forever!

  • I like too 2:23 to 2:52 very much ‘cos I like how it sounds!! Pretty song
    of earlies DM!! (remembering Vince Clarke)

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  • @LieToMe101 It`s not actually, Ice Machine was the b-side to Dreaming of
    Me, which wasn`t on Speak and Spell at all but released seperately. On the
    later CD versions both were usually included on the album.