Song: Two Minute Warning Band: Depeche Mode Album: Construction Time Again Year: 1983 Genre: Synthpop.

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  • The tow minute warning is exactly four minutes and fourteen seconds long.. so it should be called «four minute fourteen seconds warning.»

  • check out bands like Gazpacho(from norway),For a Minor Reflection,Röyksopp,Kent,Nightwish,Opeth,Mew and tell me if i have restored your faith in current music! ;)

  • It was a time to find the Smiths or Siouxsie or Killing Joke or Talking Heads and X who got bigger over time. Some 80s was ok but their fans — ughh. You had to avoid all the hair metal bullshit. People kept saying when will guitar bands return to being decent again and get away from the garbage? The Pixies were part of the start. The 80s underground is so out there, because it never cared if it had mass appeal. The major contrast with today is nothing feels genuine, but could be an age thing.

  • I was there and to be honest, we thought the 80s were terrible because the 60s and 70s were understood to be great for music, and punk rock had fizzled out. We still had the Clash until 1983? or something. It was all about avoiding Madonna, Michael Jackson, and all the fucking Reaganite fratboyz wearing pastel shirts from their fraternities. It was a time when wearing different clothing could get you in a fight. We all thought we’d die any die in a nuclear war. No cel phones. Record store ruled.

  • In the 80s, we had a genuine underground music scene, now we have bacon donuts in portland. Are we better off?

  • I can understand that. I have a cousin who was born in `92. Hey, I wish I was a teen in `83 to truly appreciate the time. In `92 there music had pretty much plummeted… Nirvana was about the only good thing. Aside from that I was discovering stuff from the 80s like Depeche Mode and the Smiths. From then on, I just kept discovering more 80s stuff, and came to the conclusion that there was no need to bother with anything else that was later.

  • Nine Inch Nails sounds just like this song. Trent even took the vocal style. This song’s album came out 6 years earlier than «Pretty Hate Machine». Depeche Mode is of my favorite bands and the synth on «Construction Time Again is great.» The only syth on the album better than this song is on «The Landscape is Changing».

  • Two minute warning, Two minutes later, when time has come, my days are numberd. Better than i rememberd! Classic…

  • Reminds me of my senior year in high school of 1984 when we never thought we’d live to see the next year of the cold war. This song reinforced those fears during some of the last of the coldest years.