One of DM’s few shows of 1997. I believe this was the very first show post-Wilder and post-Dave’s «exploits». I did not record this. Must have been a hell of…
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  • yeap,,during the singles tour, the intro was painkiller..but i have a dvd
    of a ultra party and the intro is uselink..they use both thought

  • That was a fun night. Remember being off my face on E and bumping into Sam
    Fox that evening… She was probably more surprised than I was;-) Great
    memories. xsx

  • i remember the ultra parties intro as USELINK…this is jr painkiller..

  • Oh my God ! On the stage it’s HOT ! Dave, very proud of him, he returns on
    stage few weeks after his » death » !

  • @faithanddevotion yeah dude it was totally mindblowing =) lol there’s my
    head bobbing in front of the operator in places, sorry for that…most fun
    was behind the stage in vip rooms, lots of tvs with hardcore porn etc, damn
    that was one helluva of a party

  • Guys, when looking at todaysµ’s DM and knowing what DM had been through
    just before this concert, I can see very much that these guys were very
    weak at that time and actually the fans were carrying them forward.
    Luckilly they did, because that helped DM overcome. Look at this video,
    they were just kinda zombies, no power, incredible


  • this show must have been so amazing to see live. just to see Dave Gahan
    take the stage again after almost dying and the band ending. What an
    emotionally fueled performance. The Ultra songs sound so good live.

  • However, they were strong and they were confident that it was time to start
    playing their part again and go on. They are always amazing :) Viva Depeche
    Mode forever and ever and ever !!!