Depeche mode Full album (00:00) BARREL OF A GUN (05:35) THE LOVE THIEVES (12:09) HOME (17:52) IT’S NO…

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  • I’m sorry I had to thumbs down the comment. As much as I love Depeche Mode, their quality isn’t THAT great to compare them to Da Vinci. Very few musicians could even be mentioned in the same paragraph, or even on the same page with him, and Depeche Mode don’t even come close.

  • Recoil not so much? maybe because people like to listen to shitty music but Recoil’s songs are very magical and great, it is an interesting project.

  • Super groupe qui a bercé ma jeunesse, les longues nuits en boite avec les amis, le style et les coupes de cette époque ça valait le coup d’oeil

  • This is my top 5:

    Black Celebration
    Some Great Reward
    Music for the masses
    Songs of Faith and Devotion

  • tim simenon is surely the reason for how good this was. Dms best album post Alan the turncoat left

  • best album top
    Songs of faith and devotion
    Music for the masses
    Black celebration
    Play angel

  • Nah, they still are DM, but different. I guess with Alan things would be very very different.

  • This album heralded the electro post-grunge explosion from the late 90s. Ah, I still remember those days like they were today…

  • Oh, God… «Violator» and «Ultra» are my fav, followed closely by «Songs of faith & devotion» and «Black celebration».
    «Barrel of a gun», «The love thieves», «The bottom line», «Home» and «It’s no good» are my top 5 here, but «Insight» is also awesome. In fact, the whole album, and its dark, soulful and deep mood, such as D.M. does so perfectly!

    A timeless masterpiece, indeed!

  • My favorite is ULTRA…Even though it is REALLY hard to pick just one. VIOLATOR was SEXY! I finally got into DELTA and I LOVE IT! Took me some time as usual..I always wonder could they do any better?? YES! DEPECHE MODE DOES NOT MAKE CRAP. NEVER EVER.

  • My absolute FAV album from them. From the whole sound on the album to the videos that came from it. This to me is the most richest of them all. And even though A. W. was not anywhere on this album, I think it came out top notch! And I like aw with dm but this to me just proved that they could produce quality work without him. ULTRA RULES!

  • This is my favorite album for them. How weird it may sound. I just like every song on here. Especially Barrel Of A Gun, Freestate and No Good :D