Hey guys! Continuing the «Every Friday upload» tradition with this remix for one of my top favorite bands’ 1997 track — «Useless» from «Ultra». This one was a real hustle, since it was a problem even finding a clear acapella, have no idea why I’ve chosen such a track — DM fans will know «Useless» as a groovy industrial rock track, similar to the more well-known «Barrel of a gun», who knows — that might be the next remix target :)

I do not own any rights for the material used (Meaning the acapella itself) — it came in a freely distributed acapella pack.

-No need to leave those bits of lyrics used in this remix, so I better leave you with that and hope you enjoy this piece of improvisational music work, have a good one!


Source by KeiNoire ≧◠ᴥ◠≦

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