Depeche Mode - Video Discussion #1: Photographic - Live Rock Am Ring (2006)

Hey guys! First I will introduce myself. I am Edre, ever since I first heard this band, I have been obsessed and they have been my favorite band by far. I have accumulated a fairly large Vinyl, CD, and Merch, has seen them a few times, and has huge playlists of videos and songs of YouTube and Spotify.

I want to start something on this subreddit. Similar to the Pink Floyd and Radiohead’s subreddits, I wanna create a discussion thread for Depeche Mode videos. These will be live videos, music videos, interviews, etc. In the comments we will discuss the videos, the music in the videos, the visuals, the performance or interview, and so on. I will try to update almost every day to keep this thing strong. Considering I have huge playlists of videos, I doubt I will run out anytime soon.

I will post my Spotify playlist in the comments.

**Discussion #1: Photographic — Live Rock Am Ring (2006)**


I want to start this off with a relativly recent performance of arguably Depeche Mode’s first ever recorded song, Photographic. This video does get some mixed opinions because of the singing, but I love it. Lets discuss it in the comments!

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