Depeche Mode Violator Album Promotion Live at Wherehouse Los Angeles 1990 Photograph Session.
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  • ? you sound like you’re kidding. Well, Depeche is the only true faith, DAVE IS GOD GOD GOD

  • That’s how they used to package CD’s back in the day! It stopped around 93-94. It used to be a huge box and nothing but the CD in there.

  • I cannot believe it! MY LOST TV INTERVIEW!! I about pissed my pants when I saw myself on this one! Great footage! GREAT BAND! I think this is a pure treasure!

  • I met them the night before this event and was in the pit at the Jimmy Kimmel show. Wonder how many people can say that :) Thanks for uploading!

  • LOL at 8:10 – Nine Inch Nails playing in the background. Awesome. DM and NIN are awesome.

  • right at 15 sec. Morrissey on that dudes shirt,,,awesome,,,viva Moz

  • HA! I ditched high school, including an algebra test, so I could be there that day! I came home with a sunburn, but no autograph. I don’t regret being a part of this awesome day! i will always LOVE DM!!!