depeche mode violator documentary part 1.
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четырнадцать + двенадцать =

  • Each period each Moment , All Albums all songs
    Depeche Mode are Unexplanable , There Music is ………… <3 < 3 < 3 < Thanks To Exist .... My Joy , The Blood In My Veins , My Joy.............the Pleasure If Feel, My Joy... DM are Unique and Timless

  • hi guys…im quite new to music and i want to learn how to detect for example if i play a synth part in a daw…how do i find out what key it is in and also how do i accompany the synth part with the right kick drum?if for example the lead synth is in c…do all the other sounds have to be in c also?the kick, bass, pads, percussion, guitar and so on also have to be in c?how do you go about finding out what key it is in…can you determine this by ear??thanx

  • Find out you’ve got an interesting sound in the UK where you develop a loyal, discerning following, then once you’re big enough leave that all behind and sell your soul to the Americans. The old days with the knowing, true fans were great, but the idiots abroad pay. And then you destroy yourselves.

    The story of every great British band since the Beatles.

  • My Favourite Album is Black Celebration. Great Album and Live Performance. On the 2. Place are Violator