Depeche Mode Live From The TV Show: Later… With Jools Holland On British Broadcasting Corporation Studios Song: Walking In My Shoes From The Album: Songs O…
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  • That is YOUR opinion. (please believe me, there is no offense intended in that argument)

  • The Beatles may have been more popular than Jesus is what I heard was said, but Depeche Mode sounds way better than the Beatles. Depeche Mode is the best band ever!!! They are number one!!! I have been a deejay and record store employee who has studied music, and I think Depeche Mode is best because of their lyrics, sound, beats, instrumentals, melodies, harmonies, vocals, performances, diversity, longevity, catalog, artwork, outfits, style, intelligence, and appearance. Thanks Depeche Mode!

  • The «Songs Of Faith And Devotion tour was the tour going on when I was fortunate enough to meet Martin Gore of Depeche Mode. We partied at an afterhours speakeasy in Seattle. Then Martin and his wife and my friends partied more at their hotel. Martin’s wife, Susan, said that Martin really liked his own song, «Halo». Then after they performed in Oregon, they had some time off, so they came back to Washington and we went bowling! Wanted to meet him most out of all males alive! Hope for more!