Touring The Angel Live in Vilnius 2006.03.18.
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  • @wotare haha hey man depeche mode are from England — that is in Europe, if
    you have an idea where on the map is … so ..Lithuania is much closer to
    England than your TOWN .. how did you call it .. Chicago .. where the f..
    is that :D .. I am from Bulgaria and the were in my city at that time ..
    Excellent band … go Dave Goooo … Do not worry Pule31 .. the americans
    think that the whole world is in their hands and dont even know most of the
    countries .. leave them to leave in Hollywood :D:D

  • @wotare now you insulted me stupid american fucking bastard. Do you think
    lithuanians live in the woods, hunt with axes, and worship idols.. Ugly
    fuckins stupid american morons. I knew Depeche Mode since 1984. Now what?

  • It’s very sad when strangers says nonsenses about Lithunia and also confuse
    us with russians.

  • DM — gods. unbelievable, but true. They are tired and old, but they are
    still with us in our harts.

  • Wake up man, WE are LITHUANIA, Lithuania, not Russia… All americans are
    thinking that Lithuania is in Russia or Africa… So all americas are

  • @TheEL337dude You will be surprised to how it is a lot of people in Russia
    love and know Depeche Mode

  • labai gailiuosi kad tuo metu nebuvau Lietuvoje ir negalejau patekt i mano
    favorite band concert;-(. prisimenu Vingio parke juos…tai buvo so
    amazing, unforgetable:-). Pirma karta teko pajusti fanatu minios
    energija… kaip vienas organizmas paveiktas DM muzika. Zjbs! Ar 2006 jie
    atlyko In your room kas nors zino? Atsiuskit jei kas turit prasau, butent
    Vilniuje. :-)


  • Actually, I’ve heard that after Blasphemous Rumours in 1984 Depeche Mode
    was forbidden in all Soviet Union. That’s why we (lithuanians, russians and
    everybody else I won’t mention) have a lot of loyal fans :) And
    TheEL337dude says the truth. Change our own view…

  • you see, now you are being ignorant:) russians aren’t stupid, nor they
    don’t know Depeche Mode, infact they have an amazing fan base! if we dont
    want americans ( or anyone else) think of us wrong (i.e that we are stupid,
    or not knowing the tendencies or other nonsense) first we need to change
    our own view on other countries and false steroetypes and good thing will
    come:) !