• A…nd if you stay a while I’ll penetrate your soul I’ll bleed into your
    dreams You’ll want to lose control I’ll weep into your eyes I’ll make your
    visions sing I’ll open endless skies And ride your broken wings Welcome to
    my world

  • Nice live rendition of this song. Surprisingly good sound quality. Sorry
    vert430, Dave’s performance is entertaining. He’s been doing those gestures
    for decades now.

  • The ability to dance and give a show is only considered gay by the dumbest
    stereotypes. By these standards he’s supposed to either sit on a couch and
    drink beer or play some manly sport while performing so he won’t come off
    as ‘gay’

  • Suddenly that’s a terrible and embarassing thing to be? And so fucking
    what, this is Dave Gahan. He’s danced around since they began and he’ll
    dance around for a whole lot longer. He’s Dave goddamned Gahan, he could
    wear a sundress and pumps and get away with it onstage.

  • Спасибо чувак! Хорошее видео. Мне понравилось!

  • I love this video great quality and sound just a little concerned about
    Dave and his hand and body gestures no offense fellow fans but Dave look
    gay while performing

  • dave looks a bit upset at the sound guy ( as he should be, vocal levels
    arent right )