A completely different version of “What’s your name?” ;-)

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  • FENOMENO!!! ahaha!!^o^ Siete proprio dei fenomeni va là..^o^ Dave poi è
    sempre the best!!! <3 <3 <3

  • I like the part when Dave is attempting to say “phenomenal”!At 1:12!

  • @derpestarzt This video isn’t meant to listen to interviews.;) If you like
    to listen to the interview with Dave and Alan in complete (I think you mean
    especially this one) – you can find it on the official website. Go to:
    video -> television -> 1988 -> Video One. It’s a very long interview in
    five parts.

  • Have a look at the Five-Days-Interview. He’s doing this over a long time. :D

  • @NessaMode Oh, I’m sorry but I can’t remember really. It was the beginning
    of an interview with “Whistle Test” or something like this. But I can’t
    tell you about which album they were talking.

  • @cmiamlt the editing in the video, I’m actually trying to listen to the

  • to answer your question at 3:10… Martin says in german: “I’m sorry we
    can’t be there tonight”… I hope I didn’t distroy any illusions now :-)

  • very nice movie …also It is old…They had great success also separatly
    ,,but to the public this image of 4′ with a nice kindly alan could agree
    much more…they play music wonderful together or not but It’s interesting
    also to care of their commercial show..they are very nice mans

  • @cmiamlt Arsenio Hall who had a late night TV show in the 80’s to mid 90’s.

  • What do you mean exactly? Cutting the video-parts together to a new one and
    putting some commentaries in between? – Yes.