Instruments used (in basic order of appearance):

Korg DW-6000 — Hats
Casio CZ-101 — arps
Roland Alpha Juno 2 — bass
Yamaha TX81z — horn stabs
Roland R5 / Yamaha RX-5: Drum Machines
Industrial «clank» noise — UVI Darklight IIx
Directionless — voice
Roland D-550 — Lead 1
Yamaha TG33 / Korg Wavstation — Vector Stack — Lead 2
Korg MS2000BR — Pads
Roland MKS-70 — Ending lead

Work Hard original composition (C) Martin Gore Alan Wilder Mute

This version transcribed, arranged, performed and produced by Directionless.

Source by Dire¢tionless

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