Official Video.

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  • It´s really ironic that they made such great stuff though it was a horrid
    time for all of them,personally.Maybe they needed to go through it to
    develop inside as well?.Who all is good again&I´m glad that my
    fav band is still there and GREAT as always!!!:)))cheers!

  • what a show this dvd..i Always knew depeche mode , but this has not passed
    my way in the 90’s, housemusic @that time. I discovered this performance 3
    months ago.. really ashamed ;-))) seeing them live last dec for the first
    time.. great show… but god i hate it i never seen them this good ,WITH
    ALAN WILDER, i think alan made them sound huge at that time,A big loose he
    left but. thank you depeche mode .. music for life, or every day??

  • I’m sorry if i asked incorrectly. let me explain again. Walking in my
    shoes has different arrangements in the mix versions, which are added to
    lived versions. Same as I feel you intro (devotional), which were taken
    from the maxi single. Now, my question is regarding ‘World in my eyes’
    intro, which I only heard on this specific version, but that’s it. :(

  • one of the most sexy man in all the world. yeah dave!!! of course amazing
    music and voice. thanx dm for all those years!

  • Does anybody knows where the intro is taken from? I’m asking because most
    of the mixes are added in the live versions (i.e. I feel you, Personal
    Jesus), but I haven’t heard this intro in WIME maxi singles, any idea?