«World in My Eyes» is Depeche Mode’s 26th UK single, released on 17 September 1990, and the fourth and final single for the album Violator.

«Martin did the demo on his own,» recalled Andy Fletcher. «I don’t remember it standing out when we heard it then. But somehow, in the studio, it all came together brilliantly… Whenever I’m asked which of our tracks is my favourite, I always say ‘World In My Eyes’.»

The cover art for «World in My Eyes» has a photo of one of the band members making a shape similar to that of glasses with their hands. On the Limited 12″, there are pictures of all four members.

«World in My Eyes» has two exclusive B-sides, making Violator the only Depeche Mode album with all four singles having at least one exclusive B-Side, including instrumentals. The B-sides for «World in My Eyes» are «Happiest Girl» and «Sea of Sin».

«Happiest Girl (Jack Mix)» and «Sea of Sin (Tonal Mix)» are the main 7″ versions. «Original» versions were never released, or rather, these mixes are the regular versions, according to interviews and the official website.

Reaching No.17 in UK, and only No.52 on the Hot 100, it is the least successful single from Violator.

The 2004 re-release of the EU single includes a longer-intro version of «World in My Eyes (Oil Tank Mix)».


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