Depeche Mode World Violation 1990-Behind_The_Wheel_Route66

live in Frankfurt, 8 Oct 1990.

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  • yeah like your opinion of noname means something, continue listenning to britney and linkin park, they are so creative and originals !!

  • I totally agree with some of you the best part is at the ned of behind the wheel when alan plays
    that arangement is really amazing thanx alan

  • This show was great. But the most epic, amazing
    and glamorous was Devotional. Nothing can top that one. World violation tour was part of an important evolution in Depeche Mode history and it has a special place in every fans heart. No doubt about that. This is the time when they really grew up and added more goddessness to the whole DM thing.
    DM forever

  • it’s all about the rose bowl. that was awsome. had to be there to truley appreciate it.

  • I highly doubt he played all the bass parts. Most of the basslines were done by sequencers and midi keyboards…not actual humans.

  • And what Alan Wilder did and what Fletch do are two different things. They don’t all just play the same kind of synths, Fletch plays the bass synth, which is a lot more different than the synths they play. Even bass guitar looks more easier than guitar. But that doesn’t mean it actually “is”.

  • He does the bass parts, which look easier than the actual lead synths. He’s just as much as an important part as everyone’s “dear Dave” and Martin, too. He’s also one of founders of the band. So without him…there probably wouldn’t be a Depeche Mode. There are no useless parts in a band, any way. The reason he usually claps his hands or dances is because some of the parts aren’t played, but are done by him just pressing a button. Meaning pre-recorded.

  • c’mon…every time the camera pans over to Fletch, he is usually clapping his hand or dancing. Even during the more recent tours, they have had separate keyboardists to handle the difficult stuff that Alan Wilder was usually pretty adept at. I do love Fletch, but he wasn’t an integral part of the band. He always does the easy keyboard parts.

  • Not really. :) He’s very talented, he just doesn’t sing. He had/has a lot to do with Depeche Mode’s music. Definitely nowhere near “useless”.

  • who here thinks that Andy Fletcher is just the “behind the keyboard” dancer for the band…he was pretty much useless, but still pretty fun!

  • this was, by far, their best tour. I know that their Songs of Faith and Devotion Tour (Devotional Tour) isn’t too far behind, but this gig was epic!!

  • Brilliant !! does anyone know where I can get a copy of this tour?

  • Martin is not right in the rythm for the intro with the guitar :)
    it’s a shame for such a simple melody to play

  • I used to have videos of their black celebration tour and exotic tour and even world violation tour but were taken off by youtube. But ihave alot of rare videos on my computer. I have the full black celebration show live in stuggard and exotic tour live in johannesburg, etc.

  • i agree with you Personal Jaime…

    Alan Wilder Is A Genius…