As their latest album looks on course to top the UK charts we hear from Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan on ‘Sounds Of The Universe’. Follow us on twitter at http:/…

  • I till now believe that this man marries me *blushed* My personal drug. And
    Martin is too. Them lyrics, music, feelings, theories…Everything that
    done. On the general background of cheap and popular it is something that
    real caught

  • Qué hombre!!!!, guauauauuuuu!, guapísimo, atracativo y sexy… David Gahan
    y Angélica.

  • I love the new album. Sorry to those who do not like it but there will be
    NO Violator 2 and Alan is never coming back so… get over it and move on!

  • this is such a great album, and the box set is prime! I can’t wait for the

  • the WRONG video is one of the best in many years, Dave is amazing, thank
    god he is healthy after the health scares at the start of TOTU….

  • The ploblem is that most of old school fans are still longing from Allan
    Wilder (give it a rest), and allso still witting for them to made a DANCE
    album. (sorry they’ve matured allready)

  • Looooooooooooove this man. Loooove Depeche Mode one of the greatest bands

  • @FedeP74 i agree he is also on my list of beautiful men too, i want him to
    be mine, lets have toss of the coin to see who gets him, ha, ha

  • They are real great men!! Dave is King! Human, energy and kind! Thanks for
    your beeing, DM!! Grammy — dirty and falsh performance (отстой)(((((((

  • went to the sounds of the universe gig at birminghan they didnt do much old
    stuff like see you and new life them tunes are roots it was still a good
    gig dave is a real showman on stage with the swinging microphone stand

  • Grosser Künstler,Kompliment,nach Höhen und Tiefen und exessiven
    Ausschweifungen nach wie vor erfolgreich,er ist künstlerisch über sich
    hinausgewachsen.Ein ganz Grosser

  • I don’t know if I say this, but this dude is few rockers who really can
    sing. =) I like he’s voice alot!!!

  • I’ve seen some negative reviews, as I’m not too familiar with most of their
    material, I don’t get it. I love the album, and I think «Wrong» is easy the
    best song of the year so far.

  • dave tu es le plus talentueux des chanteurs anglos saxons et le plus beau