DepModeChick Meets Alan Wilder of Recoil at Sonic Boom Records in Seattle 10-18-10

I asked Mr. Wilder to sign my Washington DEPMODE license plate – he is the final of the four DM members to see and touch my license plate, and the first to s…

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  • @CONCERTCHICK You were so right! He is so polite, kind, wonderful, gracious
    and patient.

  • Oh my!!! He seemed so sweet and sincere!!!! Lucky you having your licence
    plate touched by each member of DM now!!! Amazing!!!! You will have to
    comment on my meeting with Al when I post it!!!

  • Dude! That’s me picking out a shirt! XD Godddddd…I look terrible. He was
    so sweet, so kind.

  • Squee! See, I told you he was soooooo nice! Epic meeting! :)