Devotion by Gargantua Soul

Filmed at Branstock 2003, one of my favorite G-Soul songs…

  • i like g-soul but kris keyes kinda bugs me he’s kinda cheesy lyrics and
    style but really good vocalist

  • Please Post some more songs By G-Soul Like «God My» or «Summer of My

  • got that right ladi never fails i started the pits lol that guy that was
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    YOU FUCKING RETARD!!!! like i said hes a great vocalist but his lyrics and
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  • I’ll see what I can find! Just saw the Soul last night at Branstock and it
    felt GOOD!!!! Awesome energy; nothing compares and nothing else ever will.

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  • G-Soul is a pretty sick band, people went apeshit for them in Hartford.
    heir bass player on this, Rob Sanzone is one of the sickest hardcore
    bassists ever.

  • Incredible. I would have loved to see more of this instead of the same
    minute + looped. Got any more?

  • if he thinks kris is cheesey thats fine, we all know he’s as real as you
    get, and if sonik does not like positive lyrics he can go
    elsewhere…….on a different subject does anyone have any footage back
    when jason boz was playng guitar for them?

  • lol i know both of you already know each other lmao…you cant read sarcasm
    online «iknowall» was just a sarcastic dude