Devotional The Depeche Mode Experience
from Hollywood featuring Freddie Morales as Devotional Dave

Music for the Masses 2020 Tour
“Your singer, Freddie Morales really has Dave’s mannerisms down! Martin Gore of Depeche Mode – Devotional The Depeche MODE Experience from Hollywood Ca was formed Jan 2018 featuring former STRANGELOVE founder/frontman vocalist Freddie Morales now Hollywood based DEVOTIONAL -The Depeche Mode Experience from Hollywood.
One of the most successful and largest drawing tribute productions in the world; DEVOTIONAL – the Depeche Mode Experience featuring former / STRANGELOVE frontman Freddie Morales known as Devotional Dave – the show experience delivers a pitch-perfect “best of” DEPECHE MODE arena/stadium scaled concert that transports listeners through time and touches on several key points in DM’s illustrious career. In addition to spot-on recreations of the darkly seductive music, the hip swivels, stage sets, era-specific authentic gear/attire, and projection visuals are all there produced by PFM. The visual presentation and in-show costume changes reflect different eras of Depeche Mode’s four decade, 120 million album selling story. This internationally touring sensation has been selling out shows around the globe throughout 2017 and is continuing into 2020. – Devotional Dave was featured on Depeche Mode’s facebook Take Over Day 72 for one day and reaching millions of fans with his devotion and story to tributing Depeche Mode for 9 years and still going strong internationally – DEVOTIONAL –The Depeche Mode Experience from HOLLYWOOD – has performed across the states and all Latin America –

DEVOTIONAL –The Depeche Mode Experience from Hollywood Ca. brings a thoroughly enjoyable and staggeringly authentic DM concert to concertgoers, and connects with international audiences, wherever Devotional performs around the globe.
Devotional es el nombre del proyecto que lidera el hollywoodense Freddie Morales desde hace más de ocho años y con el cual ha recorrido exitosamente gran parte de los Estados Unidos, además de México y Sudamérica.
El proyecto es un homenaje que logra reproducir fielmente el sonido y la imagen de Depeche Mode en concierto, gracias a la calidad musical e interpretativa de los músicos, así como al dominio escénico de su vocalista, que a cada momento contagia al público con su energía.