DM perform acoustic version of 'Heaven' for NPR

DM perform acoustic version of ‘Heaven’ for NPR

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  • This is a great rendition. I think it’s better than the album version. The low-fi performance had a bit more «texture», which aided the song, I think.

  • I don’t think it’s too varied,I like both versions.I’d love to hear it really stripped back.I know some people don’t see the point in DM going acoustic,but you really get to see the songwriting shine when they do.The more I listen to Heaven the more I think «This doesn’t sound like anything else out there»….I do love to see them shot like this,looks great.

  • I really love this song. Every album, I’m like «OK they jumped the shark. They’re done» and then bam, I love it. It soaks in really deep.