Dubstar - Stars

I know, this is an old video, but I love this song, it was on my favourite but it’s been removed by the user, so I just put it back :) enjoy it Copyright res…

  • My first contact with Dream Pop… Lacuna Coil version is somewhat heavy to
    the music theme

  • I loved this song too, can’t believe it was released almost 20 years ago!

  • I sent a msg to UMG. Anyone who enjoys this vid should do the same. Voice
    your thoughts, or else the lawyers will.

  • Children, this was made in the ’90s. We didn’t have the things you have now
    — no downloads, no mobiles with internet connectivity, no HD TV. But what
    we did have is better than what you’ve got or ever will have.

  • Lacuna Coil is a black hole and Dubstar is one of the brightest stars in
    the universe. :-)

  • This song is from one of THE greatest pop albums ever released IMO. If you
    like this song, you’re in for a rude awakening, as you will be blown away
    from even more amazing songs from the «Disgraceful» album.

  • Just listened to the Lacuna Coil cover. Eh. Not terrible, but definite
    proof of the adage «Less is more». Louder isn’t necessarily better.
    Dubstar’s original moves me like little else.

  • *Stars- original by Dubstar- covered by Lacuna Coil*

    I never have looked up the original version of Stars- even though I’ve
    listened to the LC version probably thousands of times. I ran across this
    today on a forum post, really an odd video, I’m not sure how Cri came up
    with the idea of covering this one, but I’m glad she did. It’s one of my
    favs from Halflife. I’m not much of a fan of covers, but LC really did a
    great job with this one. If you want a laugh, watch the end of the video
    :-) And here’s the LC version (if there’s anyone who hasn’t heard it): Stars

  • *We’ll take our hearts outside, leave our lives behind, and watch the stars
    go out.*

  • *Stars*

    But as the stars are going out,
    And this stage is full of nothing,
    And the friends have all but gone,
    For my life, my God, I’m singing.

  • Really nice song. So they are going to remove your video for copyright.
    Shooting themselves in foot as I am buying this music based on this video.