Testing out the Digitakt with both onboard samples and midi sequencing.

Other stuff used:
Korg Monologue (bass)
Korg Volca Keys (chorus synth line)
Korg Volca Beats (some extra hihats)
Cyclone Analogic TT303 (303 sounds!)
Roland D110 (plucked sound)
Yamaha 02R (mixing)
MXR M300 (poor man’s Strymon, but sounds decent!)
ART multi effects (ping pong delay)
Old laptop (midi routing via MOTU Midi Express 8×8)
Newer laptop (audio recording in Ableton via digital out from 02R)
Plogue Alter Ego (vocal effect, awesome free plugin)

Main drums consist of a loop sampled from the Volca Sample and the good old Amen break.

Depeche Mode samples from Alan Wilder’s Emax library (via ebay).